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Book now and protect your fare with the Friendship Fare Guarantee.

We want to do everything possible to ensure that a visit to your folks in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand is not beyond your reach… so we’ve reduced some of our Fare Guarantee deposits.

Fare Guarantee Scheme...

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A deposit secures your flight reservation and protects its price.  Find out more...

Great Member Benefits

From fare deals to fantastic hotel

prices and car hire.  Find out more...

Talk with real people!

Exceptional customer care from real

people... Always!  Find out more...

Got Serious Accident Cover?

Join us today and your membership will include it FREE of charge!  Find out more...

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Budget Travel Savings Plan

Save monthly for your next trip... with no hidden charges!

A unique scheme, our Budget Travel Savings Plan has been in operation for many years and has been used by hundreds of members who prefer to save monthly for their next trip to South Africa, Australia or New Zealand.

Simply save with us, on a regular monthly basis, an agreed amount for the ticket you wish to buy. When you've saved just half the cost, we'll purchase your ticket for you thus saving you any increase in fare between then and the time you fly.

You continue your monthly payments to complete payment two months before departure.

There are no hidden charges!

I would just like to say thank you for all your help in helping

myself and my daughter with our trip to South Africa.

I am looking forward to booking another trip next year on

Budget Travel Plan. Thank you so much".
Lesley and Loverna O'Rourke

Call us today on 01784 465511 for details or help...