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Serious Accident & Emergency Travel Benefit

Faced with an emergency, could you afford to fly your folks home tomorrow?

About The Friendship Associations

In 1968 I founded the Friends of the Springbok Association, quickly followed by the Friends of the Kiwi, Friends of the Koala and Friends of Canada and the USA.  I further established in these countries Friends of the Lion, and for the last fifty-one years we have continued to promote Friendship between the Old English-Speaking Countries encouraging families to keep closer together, which of course is just as important today.

I first visited South Africa in 1964 in my capacity as editor of one of my publications, Welsh Rugby Magazine.  The visit was brought about through my marketing company, which did work for Rothmans, the South African cigarette company.  I met the MD, who was a South African, Tienie Oosterhuizen, and he asked me if I could get the Welsh Rugby Union to send an international team to South Africa to help celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the South African Rugby Union.  Whilst in the Republic I met hundreds of people, many ex-pats, who had so much in common with us in the UK.  I promised myself that I would do something to keep these family contacts going.  Owing to pressure of many of my businesses it was not until 1968, after visiting South Africa again with the British Lions,  that I actually did anything  to keep my promise.  In the meantime, I had visited Australia and New Zealand with the British Lions and once again recognised the similarities between these countries and us in the UK.

Over the years we have used our substantial membership strength to lobby all the Powers that Be to help us continue developing these contacts, with a considerable amount of success

We have within our Friendship Association our Special "Serious Accident Emergency Travel Benefit".  This Special Benefit for paid up members covers you and any partners that you might nominate in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and North America.  In the event of a serious accident (as described in our Serious Accident Emergency Travel Benefit Rules) to either you or your nominated partner we will fly either you or them to the other absolutely free of charge on the first available flight.  Over the years this benefit has been a great comfort to thousands of our members.

 I trust that if you are not already a member of our Friendship Association, you will recognise the importance of joining this international great family of friends.

 J Stuart Weaving



We provide our members low cost

Serious Accident Emergency Travel Benefit.

This very special benefit covers you the member and up to three nominated loved ones in South Africa, Australia or New Zealand. In the event of a serious accident that causes serious injury or sadly death to either you or your nominated partner, we will fly either you or them to the other on the first available flight.

If an emergency does arise and you do have to travel to South Africa, Australia or New Zealand, it is often difficult to find the money for your fare at such short notice. But our members have real peace of mind knowing that this great benefit is on hand should they need it.

The cost of this benefit is just £10.00 per year for yourself and your first nominated overseas partner, with the option of including two further overseas partners at just £10.00 per person per year.

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